• Who are we ?

    We are husband and wife team. Sebastien appeared on Master Chef Professionals and is classically trained French chef. Before joining Cheeky Burger full- time he was the head chef of a very busy gastro pub in Central London. He is the one who makes all of our amazing sauces and relishes from scratch. Marta is a HUGE burger addict. The business was born from her massive cravings for burgers while pregnant. Sebastien being great husband came out with the recipe to satisfy the cravings and the burger was so good that we decided to bring Cheeky Burger to people of London :)

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      What do we believe in ?

    • Selling restaurant quality, gourmet and innovative burgers.
    • Keeping our Cheeky Burgers fresh, exciting and innovative.
    • Making burger the way we believe it should be made.
    • Using only the highest quality and the freshest of ingredients.
    • Consistency is the key.
    • Smiling and super friendly staff with a bit of a banter helps.
    • Being cheeky.
  • Where do we trade ?


    St Giles Fields, Tottenham Court Road


    Lyric Square, Hammersmith




    Acklam Village, Portobello

    Saturday midday to midnight

    Urban Food Fest, Shoreditch


    Acklam Village, Portobello

    Every first week of each month

    Devonshire Square, Liverpool Street

  • How we do it ?

    We believe in serving gourmet and restaurant style quality food - the way it should be. Sebastien's experience in quality cooking translates into our burgers - he prepares all of our ingredients from scratch. We make our own homemade ketchup (there aren't many burger joints out there doing it), chipotle smoky mayonnaise, confit onion relish and famous already Bacon and Jack Daniels jam (6hrs of cooking). Burger patties are handmade and hand prepared. There is no egg or breadcrumbs in our burgers, jus quality steak meat. It's also fully traceable.

    Cheeky Menu

    • Cheeky Cheese - hand - formed 100% steak patty, cheese, tomato and salad, pickle, homemade chipotle mayo, homemade ketchup, homemade slow roasted onion relish.
    • Cheeky Bacon - Cheeky Cheese but with an addition of Bacon and Jack Daniels jam (cooked for 6hrs).
    • Cheeky Stilton -Cheeky Bacon with big melted chunks of stilton plus our house BBQ sauce.
    • Cheeky Hot Daddy-Cheeky Cheese with chunky hot jalapenos jam and for the brave a double dosage of our Hot Daddy chipotle sauce.
    • Motherducker – Cheeky Cheese with a layer of homemade confit, bbq, pulled duck in our house BBQ Cheeky Sauce.
    • Cheeky Elvis – beef patty with cheese, virginia smoked bacon, peanut butter, grilled onions and Hot Daddy Sauce.

    • Don’t forget we have secret menu for our regular customers ;)

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    London, United Kingdom W10 5TY
    Telephone: +447889773111
    E-mail: Marta144@hotmail.co.uk
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